The Institute for Consumer Health

is a worldwide leader in transforming gaming and similar industries. We leverage experts and state-of-the-art solutions to prioritize public health.

With over 40 years of experience, we have a proven record of coordinating across gaming, healthcare, academia, and government, earning the American Gaming Association’s 2023 Responsible Gaming Award.

Our highly-trained, multilingual team is ready to support your organization, 24/7.

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Our Services

Real-Time Gambling Resources

Remote Voluntary Self-Exclusion (VSE): Empower players to opt out of casino gambling, sports betting, or both. Our team launched the world’s first remote VSE program — and can facilitate these secure platforms and conduct tele-support check-ins.

GamLine and LiveChat Management: Establish a 24/7, 365 resource for patrons to ask gambling-related questions via the phone (GamLine) or online chat (LiveChat). Our team can oversee all facets of these platforms.

Staff Training and Support: Equip your staff with on-site instruction on best practices and gambling-related inquiries. Our experts can provide onboarding and ongoing trainings.

Assessments and Program Development

Qualitative and Quantitative Audits: Gain insights into your current approach through a pro-consumer, pro-public health lens. Our team uses premier data tools for evaluation and analysis.

Program Recommendations: Develop programs promoting healthy play and mitigating harm. Our experts conduct extensive research to deliver tailored recommendations for gaming, healthcare, academic, and government entities.

Player Health Education Trainings: Offer impactful trainings to staff engaging with patrons. Topics can cover healthy play tips, problem gambling, gaming disorder, and more.

GambleSafe Certified: Raise gambling awareness within your agency, organization, or business. Our team delivers customized trainings designed for professionals who may interact with at-risk individuals in sectors like banking, law, human resources, nonprofit, and community organizations.

Marketing and Public Affairs

Targeted Advertising Campaigns: Bolster your organization’s digital profile through location-based, behavioral, and online search advertising campaigns. Our team develops and manages campaigns on sports betting, common myths of gambling and gaming, and Voluntary Self-Exclusion.

Additional Communications Services: Engage audiences through press and print deliverables.

Our Work in Action

Audited Australia’s current model at the Crown Melbourne Casino and provided recommendations for establishing responsible gambling practices and strengthening accountability among operators and regulators. In Singapore, our team analyzed 18 global gaming jurisdictions as reference points for developing player health recommendations to state officials and industry leaders.

Designed and led customized presentations for Community Justice Support Center staff and probation officers across the state. Conceived and designed compelling, large-scale posters promoting problem gambling support services in all state facilities. 

Initiated and led trainings for sales agents and retailers at the organization’s 53 affiliated lotteries. Individuals are now well-positioned to promote safe, healthy play and identify signs of problematic gambling.

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